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Published: 16 October 2013

By Andy Ross

Old vinyl

One of the joys of the internet for me is the ability to click on links and find out things I never knew before.

So, this week, in a blog post from Africa is a Country.com I spent a happy few minutes browsing all sorts of music that was originally pressed in vinyl and that is regaining popularity with collectors. While the blog post is old (2010), vinyl is still in demand and there are some great recordings out there that have not been released digitally. Have a look at this link and see what you find out.

On that note (pun fully intended!), a click on a random link has sent me here. Nothing to do with vinyl but everything to do with music. Isn't this fun? Who wouldn't want to draw and then play the picture. To see what I am talking about click on the Vimeo video on the page or follow this link, and it is all thanks to the magic of the World Wide Web!