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Published: 14 April 2022

By Andy Ross

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Reclaim the Void

An amazing project is underway in Western Australia and you can be part of it!

Mining is destructive by its very nature. Digging up the landscape to remove minerals leaves unsightly pockmarks and holes, and it causes distress to those who live and love the land. The Nagalia elders of Leonora have embarked on an ambitious project that will symbolically seal one of the pits and, in the process, help people to learn about each other and more about the land itself. The project will use recycled fabric, made into circular rag-rugs, and will join them together into a gigantic artwork, evocative of the dot paintings that convey Tjukurrpa. 

Have a look at the website for the project where you can find out how to help. Let us know if you join in or can get to see the completed piece. What a beautifully inspiring and powerful idea. 

Thank you very much to our reader from South Africa who sent this link in.