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Published: 18 September 2012

By Andy Ross

Quite a White Ou Ndingumlungu Live Taxijam.mp4 - YouTube

Ignore that very long title for this blogpost, unless you are South African and can read Xhosa! My sister, who lives in Cape Town, sent me through this clip and it is brilliant.

Kwaito is a uniquely South African style of music, that came out of Johannesburg in the '90's. Quite a White Ou is a play on the word, loosely meaning "What a white bloke", and this video shows him getting into a people carrier taxi and performing. I love the responses of the other passengers. Some of them get it and join in, some don't but it is all in good fun and very wonderful to see.

And I really like the idea behind this video. Quite a White Ou runs a company called Ubuntu Bridge, which teaches Xhosa and Zulu language and culture to companies, schools and others in the New South Africa. So, in spite of the fun of the video, there is a serious message behind it. Learning languages brings people together, makes for better understanding, and helps the world get along! Go for it, Mr Ou!