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Published: 02 March 2010

By Andy Ross

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Profiles - Shetland textiles

Aamos Designs www.aamos-online.com info@aamos-online.com

Aamos Designs are a unique and talented textile design company, who

specialise in contemporary woven textiles. Aamos was started in 2006 by Emma Blain and Claire Henry after they graduated from the Glasgow School of


Aamos are based in Shetland, working

from an energetic textile studio in Scalloway, a small fishing village. Claire and Emma are motivated to design original woven textiles, exploiting and honouring traditional techniques, changing them to create unique and luxurious hand woven fabrics, for fashion and interiors. Aamos Designs are well-known for their playful but confident use of colour, and contemporary use of time-honoured woven structures

Text-Isles www.text-isles.com info@text-isles.com

Text-Isles is a small group of friends who wanted to establish a more formal method of working and collaborating on projects together, forming a collective of contemporary Shetland textile

designers who work to promote the Shetland textile industry. They form an active, unified and creative group whose aims are to actively promote Shetland textiles nationally and internationally, bringing global attention to the uniqueness of contemporary Scottish textiles. Shetland has a rich and diverse history of textiles and are renowned for their high standards and creativity. Each member of Text-Isle’s work is unique and original, showcasing the best of Shetland's textile community.