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Published: 26 March 2016

By Andy Ross

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Throws and towels of the tea variety

As you know, we finished making a set of throws a few weeks back and as the summer season starts, we are gearing up for visitors. 

We are creating a display area in the new studio where we can show our throws and our revamped tea-towels, alongside our upholstery fabrics and Tweed Technology pouches. It is going to be great to have everything out on show and even better when the labels for the blankets arrive and we can get them sewn in and the throws sent to those of you who have ordered one. 

A few of our throws are not perfect because we had not noticed the loom has woven an extra line of yarn across at some point. While most people would not even notice it, WE know it is there as a fault in the fabric but we don't want to discard the throws because Fiona Daly's designs are really lovely. So we are offering them for sale at a discount. The full price is £185 for a throw and we are offering the seconds at £130. There are pictures below of the throws which come in two colourways, dark grey and light grey, and are different back and front. If you would like us to keep a throw to send to you when the labels arrive, please email and we will do that.

New tea towelThere are also pictures (left) of the new version of the tea towel for a sneak preview for our loyal readers. (Please forgive the difference in colour; the actual colours are soft brown and cream with a light blue and a dark peat line plus a line of green on one side.)  The towels are not here yet but will be soon and in the meantime we have the previous set of towels with their white borders on display. Tea towel hanging upWe wait the arrival of the new Tweed Tea Towel with anticipation. 

Once the display area is finished we will put pictures up. We hope you like what we are doing. 

Dark throw back

Dark throw front

Back and front of the dark grey version of the throw

Light grey throw backLight grey throw front

Light grey version (back and front)