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Published: 21 March 2014

By Andy Ross

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The politics of music

Music has always been used for communicating powerful messages. Here is a story and a video from africaisacountry.com that made us weep.

When Nelson Mandela passed away last year in December, he was remembered by many in stories, poems and with music. A supermarket chain has released their tribute to the great man with a song, Asimbonanga, from the Soweto Gospel Choir performed as a flash mob in one of their stores.

While the music and singing is fantastic, the article that accompanies the video is interesting and presents a completely different reading of the performance to the message that I received; that of a beautiful heart-felt tribute to Mr Mandela that made people stop and listen and remember for a moment. Music carries deep meaning and interpretations are as individual as each of us. Our experiences colour our understanding and music can help us to a common empathy and knowledge. That is what I believe. What do you think?