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Published: 11 May 2019

By Andy Ross

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Plastic pollution

In the studio we have a piece of art which always attracts comment. It is based on the flotsam that collects on the shores in Shetland.

The piece was a student work, bought a few years ago from the Graduate Show in Lerwick. It was made by Mhari Smith who made boxes of small weavings, each piece using more and more of the plastic that collects on the beaches. Alongside each box went a "nest"; a woven structure reminiscent of a weaver-bird's home, which also incorporated plastic. We bought the first (pictured left) in the series, which is pristine - no plastic at all went into the making of this pair. From memory though, the final pair in the collection had lots of plastic bits incorporated, all of it collected in the isles. 

Plastic pollution, as we all know, is a Serious Problem. We are all trying our best at the studio and at home to use less and less. Not taking plastic bags at the shop for loose fruit (our local supermarket is happy to just put the items through loose) and reusing plastic as much as we can. It is still not enough though so this poignant film is a reminder of one of the reasons why we should all do more to reduce our plastic use.