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Published: 08 March 2014

By Andy Ross

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Pirates! The mini-musical

We have been doing Pirates! The mini-musical with local schools and the first school has just had their performance.

Over five weeks the children (Lower Primary) in schools across Shetland learn new songs, learn about stage directions, act, sing, come up with ideas for movement and choreography, draw and discuss character. It is an intense programme and amazing to see how the children, in ten hours total, not only learn all the material but write their own lyrics, come up with their own costumes and put on the performance in front of an audience. Of course, teaching staff help out too and Tingwall School this week made hats and worked on costumes behind the scenes.

I am always amazed by how quickly the children pick up the songs and movements. And how fast some of the kids  are. In one of the schools we are in, we were discussing sharks and "Walking the Plank". When I mentioned that sharks lose their teeth constantly through their lives and asked what happened to the old teeth, one of the children piped up "They put them under their pillows and wait for the tooth fairy." You gotta love 'em!

Pirates! The mini-musical is running for the rest of the school year and is funded by YMI money through Noelle Henderson, Creative Links Officer in the Education Department. If you have any ideas for creative activities in schools, get in touch.