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Published: 20 March 2014

By Andy Ross

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Eating humble pie - part 2

Last week we had a glitch in the newsletter and the usual digest did not go out. This week, you will have a much longer newsletter than normal because it is two weeks rolled into one. Hope you enjoy it. Here is what happened.

Those of you who, like me, are somewhat pedantic when it comes to spelling will appreciate that I try to be as accurate as possible in the newsletter. So last week, when writing about the composer Arvo Part, I went to great lengths to find an "a" with two dots over it - an umlaut. (If you want to know how to pronounce the composer's name, and others besides, have a look at this guide.) And it was that pesky critter that caused the problem, so I understand. Apparently the mail service simply cannot deal with things like that and goes into a sulk, refusing to send anything at all. Once again, apologies to you all. Now get a HUGE cup of coffee and put your feet up and enjoy a Sunday morning read. And for those of you who blog, BEWARE THE UMLAUT...

Thanks to NB Communications who identified and fixed the problem.