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Published: 12 August 2013

By Andy Ross

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A Perfect Day

It is fast approaching autumn here in Shetland and the air is cooler, the light is clear and crisp, and the birds are gathering for their annual migrations away from the islands.

Flowers in the fields Flowers in the fieldsOn a perfect warm morning, I walked to work listening to the psychic iPod which obligingly played Joan Sutherland and Luciano Pavarotti singing La Traviata. All around the heather is blooming and the last of the wild flowers are turning our landscape blue and purple.

This morning at six o'clock, it was bright and sunny. I spent the time watching the second in the BBC series Music and Monarchy learning much more than I ever dreamed I could from a television programme and listening to some astonishing musicianship and technique from young singers.

At work, there was an email from a reader of this blog telling us how much they like reading about what is happening up here. There was also one from a worried reader who is concerned that the previous week I had condoned child-brides through the link to Coco Rosie. I must explain that the band is strongly feminist and the beautiful film that accompanies this song is an ironic inditement of the practice. It is good to know that people actually do read the blog and it makes them think and contribute. That is what makes my world go round!

And now the latest edition of designboom has arrived and with it a folding theatre (yes, I DO want one) and a wickerwork environmental solution for a recycling company's HQ.

Sometimes my world is absolutely perfect.