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Published: 26 September 2015

By Andy Ross

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Paris 2015

We have just returned from Paris, the city of romance.

Well, it would be more romantic if we had not done our usual thing of walking until our feet hurt,  but it was still a wonderful break.

The reason we were in Paris was to attend a trade show, Premiere Vision (excuse the lack of accents, French speakers.) The show is MASSIVE. Six halls full of companies and traders; books, textiles, leather, machines... We did one small part of one hall and an even smaller part of another and that took us all day. It really was an eye-opener. Maybe in a couple of years we will be able to have our own stand at Premiere Vision; this was just to see what the show is like and to start to make contacts with other people in the industry. 

Of course, there is lots to see in Paris. Aside from the show, we took in Musee de Quai Branly where there was a very good exhibition of the meeting of the Incas and the Spanish conquistadores. Luckily for us and very unusually, the show ended the day after we went. That is not normally the case! We also ate and drank in some of our favourite restaurants, and paid a visit or two to some shops. If you are in Paris, Aventures des Toiles is absolutely favourite. Art to wear from European artists and makers. I may have a new scarf...

We had a meeting in Paris too. But, at the moment, there is not much to tell. Maybe in a few months? Fingers crossed.