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Published: 26 March 2016

By Andy Ross

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Pallant House exhibition

Regular readers of the blog (thank you, friends) will remember that we were recently in Chichester at Pallant House. Here are some pictures from the Radical Craft exhibition; work from contemporary artists who face barriers because of disability, health or social circumstances. Craft and art provides a unique outlet and we loved the show.  

James Gladwell from the UK first drew these birds and then embroidered them. James' work was made for a show called Inspired by Birds in 2014. 

James Gladwell James GladwellThe little black crow actually hides a tear in the fabric. What an imagination!

Rug by Lasmin Salmon Rug by Lasmin Salmon

Lasmin Salmon, another British artist, pieces together fabrics and, in this case, floats from fishing nets, to create a rug. 


Suits by Horace Lindezey Suits by Horace Lindezey

UK artist Horace Lindezey's wire portraits of the seven suits he owns are inscribed with the date he got the suit, for what occasion, and who bought it for him.

Thread by Atsushi Yoshimoto Thread by Atsushi Yoshimoto

Yasushi Yoshimoto from Japan meticulously rolls balls of thread and sews them onto sheer glossy fabrics. Beautiful.

The show features many more artists including Joanne B Kaar who provided replicas of Angus McPhee's work and about whom we have blogged before. It is a very interesting exhibition and full of colour and joy. Get to it if you can.