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Published: 06 August 2016

By Andy Ross

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Masters of the Pacific Coast

There is an absolutely fascinating and fantastic programme on the BBC at the moment - Masters of the Pacific Coast: The Tribes of the American Northwest. 

Dr Jago Cooper explores the long history of settlements in the Northwest of the Americas, a history stretching back 10,000 years, and one which puts paid to the idea of settlement being dictated by agriculture. The tribes of this region have a proud and diverse culture of making art and craft, and have survived and thrived in spite of adversity, competition, and introduced disease. Dr Cooper is clearly full of respect for the textiles, wood and metal work, and the rich traditions of the various groups spread across the region. The programme is well-worth watching for glimpses of the art and craft that are being made still and for the magnificent scenery and warm people who show such pride in their communities. 

Two programmes of this are available on iPlayer and they are also available to buy from the BBC programme website.

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