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Published: 21 March 2011

By Andy Ross

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Our new community get-togethers

Sunday afternoon was a real treat for me. I was at Islesburgh with Philip Taylor and piano to meet our newest group, people of all ages who want to sing and dance and perform and act but don't necessarily want to do that in public. The aim of this group is to meet once a month, for a creative time learning music, dancing, actions, and exploring ideas, and to include people of all ages from the younger to the older generation in the fun of making music together. Singing and acting can be very daunting to some, especially those who have had a bad experience when they were younger. But I think that it is a great way to get people together, encouraging and building confidence. It is an opportunity to get over that fear and to learn together as families and friends. If you are interested in taking part, reserve the third Sunday of each month, in the afternoon from 2pm until 3:30, and come along to Islesburgh. You can also contact Andy on 01957 744 355 or by email: andy@creativeindustriesshetland.org.uk to chat if you are not sure about coming. There is no membership to this group; we just need to cover the costs, so we are charging adults at £4, and children at £3. For families, we are charging the first adult £4, the second £3, and each child £1. As the seventies song says, "I'd like to teach the world to sing!" Please help us to spread the word.