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Published: 09 October 2012

By Andy Ross

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Opera! Opera! Let's hear it for Opera!

Today was the first day of a new session I am running in our local school in Cullivoe. The Cullivoe School is a fine little school, with great kids and staff, and I always enjoy going in. So, I was very happy when the school agreed that I could run a "Create an Opera" session with the children.

Our introduction to the session was a few weeks back and I went in to sing and chat to the children, who range in age from Nursery to Upper Primary. I was a little nervous of going in today because we are running the series as an after-school club and I was not sure how many children would turn up. No problems though, because nine have signed up for the sessions and that is enough for us to be going on with. We played some games like "Slow-Motion Catchy" and "Let's Make a Shape", and sang some songs about giraffes, toes, eagles, chests, caterpillars, knees and hedgehogs and heads.

I will keep our progress updated as we go along. At the moment, we are planning a May performance but that is really up to the opera company. By the way, did I mention that this will be our first big job; creating the opera company complete with roles that relate to real life opera companies! To say we are beside ourselves with excitement is putting it mildly...