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Published: 05 October 2012

By Andy Ross

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Open Source Jacquard Loom Project » the project

Here is a really interesting nugget of information. Jacquard, shown here in the YouTube video by Stacey Harvey-Brown (thanks, Stacey)Â is a way of weaving whereby each individual thread in a warp is manipulated. It means that the loom can be used to pictures and images, and very complex patterns. In the past, Jacquard used a series of punched cards to activate the hooks that held each thread, a binary form of information, and so we can directly relate our modern day lives with computers and digital information to these weaving looms.

So why is that interesting. Well, Sally from the WeaveTech forum, of which we are members, has posted an update to the Open Source Jacquard Loom, an attempt to create an affordable Jacquard loom for studio weavers. The project was financed through Kickstarter and now it seems that the loom is working and ready for the next step. Does anyone have any more information? http://www.osloom.org/?page_id=2