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Published: 05 August 2017

By Andy Ross

What's On The Loom

A couple of weeks ago we ordered new yarns for the next set of cloths but we cannot get them for another few weeks because of hols. So this is what we are doing. 

Instead of having an empty loom (which always looks a little forlorn, if you ask me) we have put on a series of scarf lengths to weave off. And we have some new things to try out as we go. 

The first is that the scarves are spaced out on the back beam, four in total, with gaps between. This means we can weave four scarves at a time but we have used different colours for each pair of scarves and that means we will get two colourways in each set. Good to be doing something new.

And the second is that we are using a new selvedge beam which was made for us by Albie down the road. Thanks to Albie (and Dot) we have a separate beam which we can put the selvedge on and that means we now have two warp beams which can both be in use AND a selvedge. It feels Very Grown-Up to be doing this and I will be sure to let you know the results.