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Published: 15 November 2012

By Andy Ross

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Of Maori, Kea and Gospel Halls

A brief entry this week from the beautiful New Zealand South Island. We have done so much and seen so much including art in earthquake struck Christchurch, still beautiful and vibrant after two years of knocking down and rebuilding, fantastically beautiful Maori weaving from flax plants, feather cloaks, and the most incredible wildlife, plants and scenery I have ever experienced. A close encounter with the alpine parrot, kea, was a lifetime's ambition realised, and the native bush is absolutely beautiful.

Now we are in the small town of Greymouth, on the West Coast, having come here to see the Cobden Gospel Hall which we have just purchased. A beautiful building which we will convert into living and performance spaces over the next few years.

We are using roaming Internet so cannot put pictures up but there are many of them to follow. Isn't the iPad wonderful! We are eating great scones and drinking good coffee while updating the blog. Who knows where we will be next. With our Internet roaming enabled, we have used Google maps and Google earth, and tracked ourselves through the cities as we drove along roads, watching our progress on the screen...