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Published: 24 October 2015

By Andy Ross

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The end of the week

It has been a week! Warping up with new yarns, cloth, designs, and all sorts of activity. Here is what we have been up to.

On Monday we started to warp up the longest warp we have put on Alvin, the new loom. The yarns we are using are Jamieson and Smiths aka The Wool Brokers, and they are strong enough for weaving even though they are knitting yarns. I think the warp is rather handsome (even though you can't see the colours in this pictures because we want to keep them a Little Bit Secret for the moment) but it has taken a lot of time to get it onto the beam because of the length it needs to be; our first major order. Yippee!

But it has not all been warping this week. We also received our first ever cloth back from the finishers in Scotland. Finishing the cloth involves washing it and then pressing or completing the washed fabric so that it feels good, drapes well and can be cut without fraying. What an amazing result! From yarns to completed cloth is such a transformation that I can hardly believe my eyes. Sadly, we need to keep this finished cloth under wraps for a little while longer until we have finished cutting up the samples and labelling them all for our first collection. But it is great to know that the Shetland yarns finish so well and that the final cloth is light and drapes properly. Now we want jackets...

So, on a rainy Saturday in October, music in the studio and threading yarns. Life cannot possibly be any better. Can it?