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Published: 17 March 2023

By Andy Ross

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A dress from the ocean

The island of Texel was once two islands - Texel and Eyerland - and they were stops for ships plying the route to Holland.

In 2009 the shipwreck was found by divers and artefacts were recovered. Amongst them were a trove of textiles including a dress that once sparkled with silver thread but now is stained by other cloths that lay around it under the sea. In one of those quirks that the internet is known for the discovery has recently gained a whole new lease of life with a feature in National Geographic leading the latest charge.

This article from 2016 is from the Smithsonian Magazine and you can read more about the shipwreck and the textiles found on it. To see more head on over to the Museum Kaapskil page here or watch the video below.