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Published: 15 October 2022

By Andy Ross

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The Obsolete Dress

The Obsolete Dress is made of paper money, coins and fringing.

Greymouth's Left Bank Gallery has an art collection with some surprising pieces in it. 

At the moment the collection is on show. There are ceramics and paintings, drawing and sculpture and an intriguing dress. Entitled "The Obsolete Dress" the costume is made out of no-longer-used paper money, neatly stitched together as a mini skirt. The neckline and bottom hem is edged with what looks like a fringe made for finishing chairs or curtains to which are attached coins, and the ensemble includes a bag and earrings. It is a cute and witty idea, capturing the moment that the paper money was withdrawn in 1991 and referencing 1967, through the mini skirt design, when the one dollar bill was introduced. 

The details form for the costume

The maker of this piece is Letty Reid and there is no information on the internet about Letty. I am looking for any details that readers have about her. I think Letty may have moved (back?) to Greymouth but any information would be very useful and gratefully received.