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Published: 19 June 2021

By Andy Ross

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A visit to Making Nuno at Japan House

Samples from Nuno's archives Samples from Nuno's archives


The exhibition at Japan House about textile innovation from design director of Nuno and Japan Design Committee member, Sudo Reiko, is inspirational and exciting. 

Sudo Reiko is known for innovation and champion for sustainable, contemporary manufacturing based on tradition and heritage. This show features four installations, each presenting a scaled-down version of some of the techniques, such as screenprinting glue to bind fabrics together, and processes that have been created to make these unique textiles. Alongside the installations are cases of sketchbooks and samples showing the stages along the way to creating fabric designs.  These designs are sent to mills and artisans across Japan to make, keeping alive traditions by introducing new materials and techniques. 

In the second part of the exhibition, short films of factories and studios are shown. Each film presents a different technique or process that is used to make the textiles along with the team that actually produces them. These are fascinating glimpses into worlds that are decades old and processes that span hundreds of years, all bringing to life some of the most unusual and technical fabrics being made today.


You can read more about the exhibition here