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Published: 13 October 2015

By Andy Ross

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October northern style

A walk to work in October makes a difference...

Gutcher, the little settlement or "toon" in dialect, lies at the end of the main road northwards. It is not the furthest north in Yell that you can go; that distinction goes to Gloup, but it is the closest point to Unst and thus is the ferry terminal to both that island and Fetlar. Gutcher is small, just a dozen or so houses, and mine is a double storey house on the side of the hill overlooking the terminal. Ferncliff was built in 1824, a solid stone construction which has withstood weather and time, and is now home to us. 

Today dawned bright and sunny. The sun is rising now after seven as the light draws in quickly,and it looked like a wonderful day to walk to work. The studio is not far from Gutcher, in Sellafirth, and the walk is an easy fifty minutes stroll. It is a lovely walk which presents a different view of this part of Yell whatever time of year. Now it is the red season when the light changes quality and tint, and the red grass