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Published: 11 June 2022

By Andy Ross

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Update on the Gospel Hall

The filled-to-the-brim moving truck blocked Cardwell Road for a few hours.

It is Great Fun, rediscovering the treasures that we put into storage so many months ago in Wales, Shetland and London. 

Our home is filled with boxes. Many, many boxes. They all arrived in one monstrer truck that completely blocked the road for a few hours. Luckily it was a sunny morning and so the boxes remained, in the main, dry.

The hall is filled with boxes and crates. 

Most are pictures and books, some are furniture and there are also some fabulous textiles in amongst the chaos. However, gradually we are managing to move things and unpack. Last night we held our first dinner party - two friends came over to help us celebrate the arrival of the containers, and we had a very pleasant evening, chatting in amongst the towers of packing materials. 

The sitting area is taking shape.

We now have music in all the rooms of the Gospel Hall. I have a record player in my small office cum wardrobe, and our stereo is doing sterling service in the main body of the Hall. Listening to opera records is such fun when writing the blog!

As we uncover and rediscover I shall keep you all updated with some pictures. Thank you to all of you out there who have sent us such good wishes and who have continued to stay in touch throughout our transition from UK to New Zealand. As the storms rage outside and the clouds, rain, hail, lighting and thunder remind us that it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere, the memories of our previous homes and our friends around the world are helping us to keep warm and cosy as we unpack.

Each day this week the clouds have been spectacular, bringing thunderstorms and squalls.