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Published: 11 February 2022

By Andy Ross

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Greetings from New Zealand

After almost two years in London, two months in Athen and one week in Dubai we have arrived in our new Southern home: New Zealand. 

For ten days we will be in quarantine; by the time you read this we will be over halfway through our stay. then we are going to start our journey down the islands to get to Greymouth where we shall be living. I will try to put photos on the Flickr site for anyone interested in following our travel but, as the view from our hotel window is of the hotel opposite and roadworks going on 20 floors below where Auckland is building a new interchange for the rail system, it is not the most impressive vista we have ever had and not really picture-worthy!

It is good to be here after nearly a decade of planning this move, even though we are can't leave our rooms except for tests and walks every second day, but luckily we have plenty to do and, with a desk in our room and lots of space, we can get on with work, exercise and art. 

While this trip has been going on I have been brushing-up on my art skills, learning lots while in both Greece and Dubai. Now that we are here it is time to look at buying a loom and a new piano and restart studying. Exciting times ahead indeed.