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Published: 05 October 2019

By Andy Ross

New people at the studio

We have a new member of staff!

Martha Devine has just started work at the studio in Yell. That brings our total up to four - me, Alexa, Maggie and now Martha. Martha lives in Cullivoe and some of you may know about her because Malcie and Martha own Westerbrake, a self-catering croft in the North. It is a lovely small crofthouse, secluded with amazing views across the hills and sea at the back of Cullivoe. 

Now that we are training someone new on the equipment it means we should have more time to make more cloth and to keep Alvin-the-loom busy. Martha will be helping Alexa and me to weave, and helping Maggie to cut out products and to sew up the bags, shawls, wraps and blankets that we make. 

Welcome Martha! It is good to have you joining the studio family.