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Published: 05 September 2015

By Andy Ross

The start of a new season

It is now officially autumn and the nights are drawing in. The past few days have been cold up here in Shetland, and our thoughts are turning to winter.

The grey heron, haegri in Shetlandic, is flying overhead each day, and the silent flapping of this ghost of the hairst replaces the tumult of summer lark song. Curlews call, melancholic sounds which in the light days sound peaceful and, in the darkening, sound mournful. A dimming of the sun as it swings around south... And yet, this is a favourite time of year. 

Lights on and fires burning. Conversation around the table. Working together on plans and ideas. Reading and planning. Time to plant bulbs for a Spring showing and dig the ground ready for the cold to break up clods of earth. All the things that make the winter fly past in a blur of activity. And, of course, we have plenty to do with our new loom and an exciting future. Every day brings new ideas and new thoughts. Roll on the seasons!