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Published: 11 August 2018

By Andy Ross

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Studio news

The studio has been quietly busy recently. 

The summer season is in its last few weeks now, culminating of course in Shetland Wool Week at the end of September. While the south of the country has been sweltering we have been enjoying cooler weather, and the swing of season into autumn is underway with the days noticeably shortening. Touring the isles continues for another six weeks and we have had beautiful days of light and sunshine, dramatic clouds and showers with the occasional rainbow to add even more colour. 

Back in Yell the studio has been welcoming visitors; the Shetland Sheep Society for their annual trip northwards came in this past week along with Swiss visitors, Norwegians, a Canadian or two... Always lovely to greet people from across the globe who make their way to our corner of the world. 

Alvin the loom has been busy creating cloth for The Shetland Tweed Company. Alexa has woven a lovely cloth at the end of a warp which was immediately snapped up. Fantastic job, Alexa! I can't wait to see what Emily makes from your fabric. You can follow us on Instagram and see our fabrics here. 

And the last piece of good news is that our Shetland tweed book is ready. The proof has been edited and last amendments made. We will be ordering a stock of them in the next few weeks and will put a link on the blog. It is Tremendously Exciting and I can't wait start the next book now.