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Published: 09 October 2021

By Andy Ross

The blog's new name

Thank you to everyone who has sent in messages about the blog's renaming. 

There have been many emails, with lots of readers saying that you like the suggestions and some even offering more names. For the time being I have decided to go with "Stray notes and loose threads". It is a long title but can always be changed if it becomes too cumbersome. Over the next few weeks I shall learn how to create a new look for the blog, giving it a general facelift and making it fresher to go with its new title. 

The blog is published on a Sunday morning and it now automatically goes onto Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/globalyellblog. This means that it is not just available to anyone who signs up to it but also to anyone on Facebook. I hope that it continues to give you out there in Readerland as much pleasure as it does me when I write it each week. Thank you for continuing to receive it and for all the messages of support as things are changing.