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Published: 30 June 2018

By Andy Ross

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The fun of drawing

Recently I rediscovered drawing while on tour in Fair Isle with Shona Skinner from The Shetland Gallery.

A few weeks ago we went into Fair Isle on tour with a small group. Fair Isle is such an amazing experience, totally unlike anywhere else in Shetland, and the trip was an Awfully Good Experience! One of the things we all did was to do some sketching and drawing, and then use the ideas from the sketches to create textile pieces by a variety of means. Shona led the workshops as, first, we walked over the hills and along beaches, collecting ideas for our textile pieces before making our textile books. 

It was on the tour that I rediscovered the joy of drawing and sketching, something that I had not done for a very long time. And, even more importantly, relearning these skills made me look at things in a different way. Now I can see colours that I couldn't before, and shapes are much more evident. I think drawing is going to be very useful and it is a whole lot of fun too. I have now started to use the drawings as preliminary ideas for designing new cloths. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?