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Published: 14 December 2016

By Andy Ross

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New books for the library

We have some new books to add to the collection, thanks to a generous gift from the US!

One of the people on a textile tour sent a package to us with all sorts of treats in it. Aside from delicious coffee (you obviously got to know me too well, Kelli!), there is a miniature jumper which now hangs on the wall in the studio, and four really good books. 

Harmony by Hand is a book about the artistry of the Southwest Native Americans - basketry, weaving and pottery. Published in 1987, it is a beautiful book of photographs, diagrams and useful text. Inspirational stuff indeed.

The Basketmaker's Art is all about contemporary baskets and their makers, at least contemporary in 1991! Again, full of interesting and exciting innovations, this will be a useful resource as well as being a great browse for ideas. 

We all know Escher's visual puns and optical illusions but he also drew and painted in a more conventional way and with great style and panache. M.C. Escher will be added to the library too.

Finally, The Museum of Modern Art in New York's celebration of the beginnings of modernism, modernstarts, spans the forty years from 1880 until 1920. Anyone who is interested in modern and contemporary art should have a look through this, the overview is fantastic and puts it all into perspective. 

The library is open for reference reading by appointment. Please send us an email to book a time. 

Thank you, Kelli. What a great parcel to get just before Christmas.