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Published: 04 April 2012

By Andy Ross

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Here in Yell, we have a unique outlook on life, and we pride ourselves on building our communities through entrepreneurship, innovation and ingenuity. Cullivoe, the next village along from the Centre, has been undergoing some changes in the last few years and one of those changes has been new people moving into the area. Great for island communities where we have small populations...

Now, a couple who moved up a year and a half ago, Shona and Alan Skinner, have bought one of the business units next door to us and are just about to open it as an art gallery. Shona has been visiting Shetland for a long time because she has a family connection with Cullivoe, and this is one fantastic idea that the couple have come up with.

What an amazing space the gallery is. Their vision and cool sense of style really shows in the first ever show at the "Shetland Gallery". Alongside favourite Shetland artists and craftspeople like Ruth Brownlee and Cecil Tait, Wendy Inkster and Shona Skinner herself, are drawings by Shona's father, Adam Robson, artist and Scotland rugby player, and fantastic textiles, both pictures and wearables.

I can thoroughly recommend the atmosphere, and, of course, the lovely pieces of art and craft. Come up and see the show over the summer, and take time to explore the isles. We are full of surprises!