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Published: 26 March 2022

By Andy Ross

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Natural dyes

The Peat Project is our trial to help increase awareness of the importance of peat, the humble and often-unnoticed flora that blankets Shetland and other parts of the world. 

Peat is an amazing carbon sequester and water store. It is one of the reasons that the islands of Scotland are so rich in bird life; the peat protects insects that form part of the diet of migrant and resident avian life. 

In this project Kate has been working with a local school to support their learning through workshops, using creative writing and art to explore the subject of peat. in the community workshops that have just finished this week, Kate invited a local artist, Spindrift Crafts, to use natural dyes to explore peat and here are some of the results of that workshop. Doesn't it look fantastic?

There is to be a publication for this project and that will be available on the blog when it is ready. We plan to run the workshops again across the islands and there may be an opportunity to do something similar for the Coast in New Zealand. 

While on the subject of dyeing, have a look at this stone in the picture. We have seen lots of similar stones on our travels in this area. The red colour stains the fingers orange when touched. It comes from a lichen and it would be very interesting to find out what colour it dyes. Any ideas, readers in blogland?