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Published: 11 July 2020

By Andy Ross

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The National Gallery opens

The National Gallery is in Central London and it is the first of the major galleries to open its doors to the public. We booked tickets to go on Friday evening - the two previous days were already fully-booked within hours of the announcement of the opening - and off we dutifully went for our 6:15pm session. 

Here is an article about the opening and what it is like from Will Gompertz's point of view. What I can say is that, although it was slightly uncomfortable and a little confusing at first, and although we also got lost like Will, it was a privilege to be able to stand in front of paintings with no-one else around to block the view or disturb by walking between us and the art. 

In these uncertain times this is just the ticket we needed to feel that things were going to be ok one day. Great art in the peace and quiet of a great gallery. What else can one need?