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Published: 23 August 2014

By Andy Ross

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New kinds of music-making

As technology changes so our worlds change too, sometimes in quite radical ways. This new (well, new to me anyway) type of keyboard looks and sounds amazing.

Technology has always affected music; even the piano was once a novelty. Remember the theremin? and how about the glass  harmonica? 

(I learned, while I was researching this, that the Far East used glass instruments way back in the Middle Ages and if anyone can point me in the direction of the classical Thai instrument called ranat kaeo, I would be very grateful.)

This new keyboard uses technology to create, alter and shape sounds as they are played, responding to the touch and pressure of the player's hands. It looks like a lot of fun to experiment with and I can't wait to hear what people do with it when the instrument is available. Isn't our modern technology fantastic!