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Published: 25 April 2013


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Music, Music Everywhere

It has been a week of music which started off with making Creepy Crawley Musicals with Mossbank and Olnafirth and Fetlar Primary schools. The cuteness factor has been extreme! Children wrigging and giggling, crawling and singing, and lots of imagination too. Each school will be getting four sessions of music-making ending with a performance for parents and guardians, and we are learning many facts about the small animals around us as we go. Needless to say, dung beetles are a favourite…

Ignition, the National Theatre of Scotland and Shetland Arts project, ended last night in the Cullivoe Hall. I was immensely proud of our community up here in the North which turned out in force for a great night with many, many good comments from the audience. Regular readers of the blog will remember Hugh Nankivell’s music from a previous post, and our little choir sang their hearts out to end the night. A real feel-good event. Congratulations everyone.

And, as if to reinforce the power of music and the amazing ability it has to bring eveyone together, the internet brought me this page from Africa is a Country blog. Enjoy some great videos and music from artists form across the world.