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Published: 13 July 2012

By Andy Ross

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Music for Social Care

This week, I was part of a group that met in Lerwick to discuss the use of art in looking after older folk in care homes across Shetland. The group included staff from the centres in Shetland and was brought together by Shetland Arts. I was there with John Morris, our dance choreographer to show what we do in the care centres in which we work. What a brilliant meeting! We came away with ideas and thoughts, solutions to problems and plans for the future.

Music for me is very important in caring for other people, and we, as artists, know how useful and vital it is for our own well-being. I was very happy to know that art therapy and music therapy is thought of highly here in the islands, and that the work we do in singing and dance is useful. If you are interested in music, dance and the mind, have a look at Oliver Sacks talking about Parkinson's.