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Published: 29 May 2021

By Andy Ross

Creating a multicultural opera

The meeting of a storyteller, a composer and a rapper might seem unlikely ground for the creation of a new opera but that is exactly what is happening...

Keiko Fujiie, a Japanese composer, is living in Ouagadougou with a griot family after a chance meeting in Berlin sparked the realisation that music-making traditions in the African country had distinct parallels with Japan. Now the meeting has become a full-blown collaboration and an opera, entitled Là-bas ou Ici ("There or Here"), is in the making.

This fascinating story brings together the storytelling traditions of Africa, modern rap from the Congo, classical music and Japanese sensibilities in what promises to be a unique and exciting collaborative work. Even more interesting are the possibilities that we could see a new opera house in Burkino Faso and some fabulous costumes inspired by vibrant African traditional dress. 

You canread more about this story here and here, and, if you want to support this exciting project,  donate to it here