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Published: 29 January 2022

By Andy Ross

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Textile moths

The dreaded word "moth" strikes fear into the heart of anyone who collects textiles but not for this artist!

Larysa Bernhardt lives in Missouri and has been collecting vintage and antique fabrics including tapestries and other textiles made from wool and silk. one of the aspects of collecting that intrigued her was the way in which these pieces have another life outside their first and that includes the ways in which other creatures make use of them. As the artist explains, love and fear came together in her work and so the moth project came into being.

Have a look at this story, sent in by a reader from overseas (thanks Karen!), to see some photographs of these striking fabric creations. If you want to see more, head on over to Instagram where there are photographs that show the intricacy of the work and some photographs that give a sense of the scale of some of them.