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Published: 26 March 2016

By Andy Ross

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A mistake... or two

Well, we are not infallible, you will be pleased to hear. Last week I made two mistakes in the blog...

The first is that I told you all that Helen Robertson's workshop was last weekend and it actually is this weekend, the 26th. If you haven't gone along before, do go soon. They are loads of fun and there is always a good selection of things to do (and eat!).  Sorry Helen. I shall pay more attention next time. 

The second is that I said we have two pieces of Coptic textile in the studio. One of our readers came along to see them but, of course, I was away and I had neglected to say that we are having the pieces framed! Oops and humble apologies. The textiles should be here in a couple of months and I will put a photograph on the blog for you all to see.