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Published: 17 May 2014

By Andy Ross

Textile tour May 2014

It is day three of the textile tour. We have travelled 200 miles, walked a few more, and seen some spectacular things.

A day of fog, a day of sunshine showers and today, another day of bright Spring sun and flowers promises. We have been south to see factories, workshops, lighthouses (including the newly developed Visitor Centre at Sumburgh - spectacular!). We travelled centrally and far west to visit knitwear and weaving, the Wool Brokers, and last night a lovely concert of choral and solo singing in Lerwick with the Lerwick Choral. Amply fortified with cake and coffee, today we are shopping, visiting Shetland Museum and then heading to the far north for a trip to a volcano via an ancient buried man found in the peat with his knitted and woven garments, and past the home of an ealy inventor of smallpox vaccination who happened to be a weaver. Our last day will be home territory for me, Yell and Unst, the beautiful and remote islands in the north.

It is a lovely four days spent with and visiting enthusiastic and interesting people. I think I must have the best job in the world!