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Published: 13 May 2017

By Andy Ross

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May 2017 textile tour

The first textile tour of the season has just finished and what a lovely group we have had...

Our tours are always international; filled with people from all across the globe - Australia, UK, USA and Germany this time. Seven intrepid explorers set off across the isles, accompanied by tea and cake, to take in the sights of Shetland. We added some extras this time and changed things around a little so that the tour remains fresh and exciting for me too, but I cannot tell what those extras are because some of them are going to be regular visits for us and I want to keep surprises in store. Of course at this time of year it is the lambs and baby ponies that capture all the attention, but with some weaving thrown in, some knitting, yarn purchasing and museums, we have all returned from the journey with new insights and a fresh view of these islands which we love so much. 

The tours this year have sold out now. 2018 dates to be announced shortly!