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Published: 12 December 2020

By Andy Ross

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Matt Jones - The Napier Waller Art Prize winner

Since 2018 the Napier Waller Art Prize has been inviting past and present serving personnel in the Australian Defence Force to submit an original artwork.

In 2020 Matt Jones won the competition for his work, Yarn. Using a blanket that he had been given and yarn from a store that was closing down, he created a piece that took as its starting point the maritime signal for "I want to communicate with you": Kilo. The measurements for the piece are his arm span and height, making this almost a self-portrait, and Matt taught himself to knit and weave so that he could make the work. You can read more about Matt and his story here and about the Art Prize here

Thank you to our Australian reader who sent this link in a few weeks ago. 

Image courtesy of the artist.