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Published: 27 February 2021

By Andy Ross

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Parachuting to Mars

We have all been watching the latest endeavour to explore the Red Planet and the successful landing of the rover provided us with breathtaking images of the planet's surface. 

As the rover descended it took video and, in case you missed it, head on over to this page where you can replay all the excitement during and after the landing. The landing had to be soft - slowing the almost £2 billion payload from its travelling speed of 20,000 km/hour (13,670 miles per hour) to land gently on the planet was not an easy challenge especially when the materials used in the operation had to contend with extreme heat as well as the complexities of deployment. Enter Heathcoat Fabrics who designed and wove a lightweight yet strong parachute fabric that withstood the impact of slowing the craft down for a textbook landing. Hurrah! You can read about that amazing achievement on the company page here