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Published: 15 October 2016

By Andy Ross

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Embroideries on a marine theme

There is always something new to see in Shetland. How about embroideries on a marine theme?

Two embroideries are on display in the Shetland Museum created by John Leask of Bigton. John served on HMS China during the First World War as quartermaster and he began the two embroideries while on board the ship, completing them after the war ended. (Apologies for the blur; these pieces are behind glass in a case.) 

We saw these while on the last textile tour of the season, and, in fact, the last textile tour in October because next year the season for us will end in September. Our next stop was Sumburgh Head where The Big Draw was on. Artist Julia Barton, who has an exhibition at the Museum on the theme of waste plastic in the ocean, was there with coloured pencil and watercolour pastels (Try them if you can. They are BRILLIANT!) and we all got to draw seaweed. And it was no surprise that one of the drawings on the wall was done by someone who is interested in turning it into an embroidery. What fun that will be!