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Published: 03 April 2021

By Andy Ross

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Article of the Week - number fifty-four - a woven cushion cover

The artist, Maria Lai, was from Ullasai, Sardinia and created art that drew on the traditions of her home. 

The piece in the collection was purchased in Rome in 2019 after seeing an exhibition, Holding the Sun by the Hand, of Maria's work in MAXXI, Italy's Museum of 21st Century art. The artist opened a Museum of Contemporary Art in her hometown in 2006 and donated a significant number of art works to the Foundation.   

Amongst the donations Maria also worked with a textile cooperative in Ulassai, designing motifs that are used today to create pieces such as the cushion in the collection. The small cushion is black and white and features a distinctive goat motif. In the studio library is a book about Maria Lai - Art and Connection. This book by Elena Pontiggia is a comprehensive review of the artist's life and work, and will be available for visitors to the studio to read when it reopens.