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Published: 23 March 2019

By Andy Ross

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A sunny day in March

At the moment, it is blowing a gale outside. Very different to a few days ago when it was possible to sit outdoors and paint.

The weather is Spring-like which, of course, means changeable. Today it is bright and sunny but there is a howling wind, and sleet. Haily, hurt-when-it-pelts kind of sleet. It all makes for dramatic skies with huge areas filled with white and blue-grey clouds and snow sheeting across the blue. 

A few days ago though, it was a different story. The breeze was cold but the sun felt warm. It was a perfect day for gathering the thoughts together, painting and sketching outside, and generally being happy to be outdoors. Even in the late part of the winter and early Spring, Shetland is a place to be inspired by.