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Published: 04 March 2022

By Andy Ross

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Making the Map

Mary Magdalene (of Biblical connection) was often characterised as a "fallen woman" and a reformed prostitute, and gave her name to organisations that worked to, ostensibly, support and help women in what were seen as similar circumstances. 

As part of an ongoing series at Rua Red in Dublin, this legacy is being explored, and the latest showing is entitled The Map. Two artists, Alice Maher and Rachel Fallon, were commissioned by the gallery to create a work for the series and the result is a large-scale piece that explores the life, legacy and mythology of Mary Magdalene and her impact on the lives of women. Two and a half years have gone into the making of this piece, created using embroidery, applique, crochet, sewing and painting, and incorporating found pieces, and the work was made over three Covid lockdowns.

You can read more about this amazing piece, and the series to which it belongs, here. This link is about the Magdalene institutions

(This link was sent in by a reader from England. Thank you, Mary. Reader contributions are always welcome!)