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Published: 02 April 2022

By Andy Ross

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The art of weaving

The traditional craft of weaving in Maori culture has been celebrated for the past few months in an exhibition in Christchurch Art Gallery: Te Puna Waiora: The Distinguished Weavers of Te Kahui Whiritoi.

This has been a fascinating show, and one that shows the skill and dedication of the weavers as well as the cultural aspects of the craft. It has provided an insight into the ways in which the pieces have been made, and also shown why they are culturally important. The picture above shows a wall hanging made using traditional techniques for making braids combined with wool, a material that only arrived with settlers.

If you are interested in Maori weaving, you can follow this link to see some images and read about it. There is also an entry on the Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand here.

A new book of photographs and writings about this show has been added to the collection. It provides much more information about the craft of weaving in Maori culture, and explains the historic context of many of the pieces that have been on show.