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Published: 06 October 2015

By Andy Ross

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Louise Bourgeois

A special book has arrived in the studio. Louise Bourgeois' Ode á la Bièvre

Ode a la Bievre Ode a la BievreA few weeks ago I saw a copy of the book, signed and with two photographs by the artist, but it was a LOT of money. Worth every penny but still not something that I could afford. So, imagine my delight when we found a cheaper edition on the Internet. The book arrived a few days ago and it is stunning.

Ode á la Bièvre is the retelling of the delight Louise felt when her family moved to the outskirts of Paris, to a house with a river, the Bièvre of the title, flowing through the back yard. It is a beautiful reproduction of the original textile book, and has given us much pleasure so far. 

For more about the French artist and the books she produced, have a look at the website from New York's Museum of Modern Art. And do ask if you can see our copy. Inspirational!